Training Videos

Dealer Website Control Panel and Secure Credit App Tool

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Account Tab, Contact Tab. Run Time - 6:43
Credit App Tab. Run Time - 10:21
Template Tab, Manage Inventory Tab. Run Time - 6:20
Manage Inventory Tab. Run Time - 6:03
Leads and Settings Tabs. Run Time - 2:55

Autoclick Mobile Microsite

Client Management
Demonstrates the new Client List feature that allows Autoclick subscribers to manage clients from their mobile devices.

Autoclick CRM

Getting Started
Sales Person Training - Get Started in the CRM Tool by watching this comprehensive training video.
Module 101
1) Mod 101: Logging Into the System
2) Mod 101: Standard Dashboard Layout
3) Mod 101: Sales Pipeline Summary
4) Mod 101: Editing Your Information
5) Mod 101: Email and Letter Template Setup
6) Mod 101: Campaign Manager
7) Mod 101: Sorting Your Sales Pipeline
Module 103
1) Mod 103: Basic Appointments
2) Mod 103: Basic Tasks
3) Mod 103: Creating Tasks and Appts that are automatically associated with a customer
4) Mod 103:Managing your tasks and appointments from the dashboard
5) Mod 103: Using the Planner and Tasks in the Navigate Bar
Module 102
1) Mod 102: Using the Sales Pipeline to follow-up with your leads
2) Mod 102: Using the Client Information Screen to follow-up with your leads
3) Mod 102: Close Out Sale
4) Mod 102: Searching for a customer
5) Mod 102: Viewing Your Sales
6) Mod 102: Viewing your clients from the Clients Section